Club Night Diary 2017

(approx 2 or 3 games per evening)




Mike HFDavid O
21/01/17Port ErinMike WPirates 28mm
04/02/17Port ErinPaul TVery British Civil WarBrigade 3828mm
  KevinHorse & MusketSharp Practice28mm
25/02/17Port ErinMike HFantasy WizardryFrostgrave28mm
David SJacobite Rebellion 28mm
04/03/17Port ErinMike W   
  David OFrench & Indian WarTomahawks & Muskets28mm
18/03/17Port ErinKeithWW2 20mm
  Paul TSci-fi

All Quiet On The

Martian Front

01/04/17Port ErinPaul TVery British Civil WarBrigade 3828mm Inter-War Period
  Mike HDark AgesSwordpoint28mm Later Roman
15/04/17Port ErinMike WWW220mm
  Mike HDark AgeSwordpoint28mm Later Roman
29/04/17Kirk Braddan Church    INTERNATIONAL TABLE-TOP DAY 
  Paul TMedieval SkirmishLion Rampant 15mm
13/05/17Port ErinMike W
27/05/17Port ErinPaul TPirate Fleet 28mm
  Mike W(Sci-fi) TerminatorClub Rules28mm
24/06/17Port Erin Paul TVery British Civil WarBrigade 3828mm, Inter-War Period
  David OAfgan Modern CombatSkirmish Sangin28mm
08/07/17Port ErinBarry TDr Who 28mm
  Mike HWW2 NavalNaval Thunder1/2400 ships
22/07/17Port ErinPaul TSci-fi SkirmishRogue Stars28mm
  Mike WZombieWalking Dead


Port ErinPaul TVery British Civil WarBrigade 3828mm Inter War
Mike HFantasy WizardryFrostgrave28mm
19/08/17Port ErinMike HAncient Italian WarsSwordpoint28mm Birth of Rome
02/09/17Port ErinMike WWWIIRapid Fire  20mm
  Paul TSci Fi ShipsFull ThrustEpic
16/09/17Port Erin OPEN DAY 
  Paul TPirate Ships 
Other Miniature Games
30/09/17Port ErinPaul TFantasy SkirmishDragon Rampant 15mm
David OFrench & Indian WarTomahawks & Muskets.28mm Skirmish
14/10/17Port ErinMike WZombiesWalking Dead28mm Horror
  Kevin ASeven Years WarTwilight of the Sun King.28mm
28/10/17Port ErinPaul TVery British Civil WarBrigade 3828mm Inter-War Period
  Mike HFantasy Wizardry Frostgrave.28mm
11/11/17Port ErinMike HAncient Italian WarsSwordpoint 28mm Birth of Rome
02/12/17Port ErinDavid OBoard Game  
  Paul TFantasy Battles Dragon Rampant15mm
09/12/17Port ErinMike WZombies
06/01/18Port ErinMike W  
20/01/18Port Erin