Club Night Diary 2018

(approx 2 games per evening)




06/01/18Port ErinMike WDark AgeBlood Eagle28mm Skirmish
  Keith CAncientsQuick Play Rules
20/01/18Port ErinMike HSeven Years WarBlack Powder - Last Argument Of Kings15mm Small Action
03/02/18Port ErinPaul TA Very British Civil WarBrigadier 3828mm Inter War Unrest
  Kevin A Boardgame
17/02/18Port ErinMike WModern ZombiesWalking Dead28mm
  Mike HACW NavalHammerin' Iron1/1200 try out
03/03/18Port ErinDavid OWW1 Naval  1/2400
  Mike WModern ZombiesWalking Dead28mm
17/03/18Port ErinMike WModern ZombiesWalking Dead28mm
  Mike HMedieval SkirmishSong of Blades & Heroes28mm
31/03/18Port ErinMike HRome's Italian Wars Swordpoint28mm
14/04/18Port ErinDavid OWW1 NavalFlight of the Goeben1/2400
  Paul TA Very British Civil WarBrigadier 3828mm Inter War Unrest
28/04/18Port ErinMike HVictorian Sci-fi 28mm
  KeithAncients Wargaming Ancients Rules15mm
12/05/18Port ErinMike W Sci-fi  
  Paul TWar of the Worlds ScifiAll Quiet on the Martian Front 18mm
09/06/18Port ErinKeithWW2 Land WarNorth Africa1/285 North Africa
23/06/18Port ErinMike W   
  Paul TMedievalLion Rampant15mm
07/07/18Port ErinMike HRome's Italian WarsSwordpoint28mm
21/07/18Port ErinPaul TA Very British Civil WarBrigadier 38

All Day

12 noon start

  Mike HStar WarsX-WingSpaceship battle
KeithWW2Eastfront Board Game
04/08/18Port ErinMike WBlood Rage
  KeithWW2North Africa 1/285
18/08/18Port ErinMike HEnglish Civil WarThe Pikeman's Lament28mm
  Paul TFantasyDragon Rampant28mm
01/09/18Port ErinPaul TA Very British Civil WarBrigadier 3828mm Inter War Unrest
15/09/18Port Erin OPEN DAY 
  MIke WWW2 TanksWhat A Tanker20mm 
  Paul TScifiIn His Majesty's Name28mm Skirmish
KeithThirty Years War 28mm
KevinScifi Star WarsX Wing
JamesWW1 Air WarWings of War1/144
29/09/18Port ErinMike HWW2 Coastal NavySchnell Rules for Schnellboots1/1200
  KeithWW2 North AfricaKeith's VeryOwn1/285
Paul TSpaceshipsFull Thrust
13/10/18Port ErinMike WModern ZombieWalking Dead
  Kevin AAncientCommand & ColoursBoard Game
27/10/18Port ErinPaul TSci-fi SkirmishRogue Stars28mm 
  KeithWW2Eastfront Board Game
10/11/18Port ErinPaul TPost ApocalypseNuclear Renaissance28mm
  KevinAncientsCommand & ColoursBoard Game
24/11/18 CANCELLED 
08/12/18Port ErinKeithWW2WW2 Rules20mm East Front
  Paul TAncientsSwordpointRome's Italian Wars 
22/12/18Port Erin CANCELLED
29/12/18Port ErinPaul TAlternative 1930sA Very British Civil War28mm with ships
All Day12 noon startXmas Special
05/01/19Port ErinMike WModern ApocalypseTurf War ZZombies
  KeithWW2 North Africa 1/285 
19/01/19Port ErinMike HModern NavalNaval Command Rules1/2400 Cold War
  Mike WModern ApocalypseTurf War Z Zombies