Club Night Diary 2023


(approx 3 games per evening)


Please contact Mike H or Mike W for any additions or changes





14/01/23Port Erin

Mike W

Napoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm
  BeakyRoman Civil Wars 15mm
  KevinAncientsTo The Strongest28mm
28/01/23Port ErinMike HAmerican RevolutionSharp Practice28mm
  Mike WNapoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm
11/02/23Port ErinPaul TSci-Fi BattleWH40K 2nd Ed.28mm
  Steve BFantasy SkirmishFrostgrave28mm
  Mike WWW1 Aerial CombatFokkers1/144
  Kevin & KeithAncient Rules Try-out????15mm
25/02/23Port ErinMike WNapoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm
  Keith & KevinAncients Trial GameHail Caesar15mm
  Mike HScifi - MechsBattletech1/300
11/03/23Port ErinPaul T

Dark Age Battle

Dux Bellorum15mm
  Steve BSci-fi SkirmishZona Alfa28mm
25/03/23Port ErinMike W

Napoleonic Horror

Silver Bayonet28mm
  Paul T

Fantasy Battle

Dragon Rampant28mm


 All DayKeith & Kevin2nd Battle of Manitea - 362BCTBA15mm
08/04/23Port ErinPaul T

Zombie Survival

Last Days28mm
  Steve BFantasy SkirmishFrostgrave28mm
  BeakyRoman Civil WarDBA15mm
22/04/23Port ErinMike W

Napoleonic Horror

Silver Bayonet28mm
  Mike HAmerican RevolutionSharp Practice28mm
06/05/23Port ErinMike HBalkan SkirmishSharp Practice28mm
  Paul TSpaceship BattleFull Thrust 
 .Mike WNapoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm
13/05/23Port ErinMike HAmerican RevolutionSharp Practice28mm
Date Change Paul TItalian Wars - Battle of Novara 1513Pike & Shotte28mm Renaissance
03/06/23Port Erin CANCELLED  

All Day

(from 12 noon)

 Replacement Games  
 AfternoonPaul TSpaceship BattleFull Thrust 
  Mike HRenaissance GalleonsGalleon1/450 ships (approx)
 EveningPaul TDark Age SkirmishLion Rampant 2nd Ed28mm
  Steve BScifi ScavangersZona Alpha28mm
 All Day WW2 Naval - Coral Sea Battle (POSTPONED)  
01/07/23Port ErinMike WTank BattleWhat A Tanker20mm
  Keith CJutlandGWASWW1 Naval-Multiplayer
15/07/23Port ErinPaul TItalian WarsRenaissance Rampant28mm Renaissance
  Steve BFantasy SkirmishFrostgrave28mm
  Keith & KevinAncient BattleStrength & Honour15mm Rules Test
 (If Needed)Mike HWestern GunfightWhat A Cowboy28mm
29/07/23Port ErinMike HNapoleonic SkirmishFistful of Lead28mm
  Mike WDark AgeHail Caesar28mm
  KevinAncient BattleStrength & Honour15mm
12/08/23Port ErinPaul T Sci-fi BattleWH40K 2nd Ed.28mm
  .Keith & Kevin Ancient BattleStrength & Honour or Basic Impetus 2.015mm Rules Test
26/08/23Port Erin Meeting Cancelled  
   Manx Grand Prix Races  
09/09/23Port ErinPaul TItalian WarsPike & Shotte28mm Renaissance
  Steve BFantasy SkirmishFrostgrave28mm
  Mike HBalkan SkirmishSharp Practice28mm
23/09/23Port Erin OPEN DAY  
 .Mike WNapoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm Skirmish
  Paul TSci-fi SkirmishXenos Rampant28mm
  Mike HRevolution in the StreetsTBAVictorian Sci-fi
07/10/23Port ErinMike WBattle of HastingsHail Caesar 228mm
  Mike HNapoleonic BattleGeneral d' Armee15mm
 Possible Afternoon GameKeith CMantinea IIDBMM15mm Hoplites
21/10/23Port ErinPaul TAnthroporphic SkirmishBurrows & Badgers28mm
  Steve BScifi BattleGrimdark Future Firefight28mm
  Mike HPre-Dreadnought NavalBroadside & Salvo1/2400 Naval
04/11/23Port ErinMike WDark Age BattleHail Caesar 228mm
  Mike HRPG - Intro & part 1  
  Keith CWW2 SkirmishSAMFU2, 6, 10 or 20mm
18/11/23Port ErinMike HRPG - part 2  
  Paul TGreek & Persian BattleHail Caesar 228mm
  Steve BSci-fi SkirmishZona Alfa28mm
02/12/23Port ErinMike WDark Age BattleHail Caesar 228mm
  Mike HPre-DreadnoughtNaval Thunder - Rise of the Battleships1/2400
16/12/23Port ErinKeith C & Mike HRound Robin EventLion Rampant

15mm Dark Age

15mm Medieval

  See Home Page for more details 3 x 1 hour gamesThe Pikeman's Lament15mm Marlburian
    The Men Who Would Be King28mm Colonial
27/12/23Port Erin   CHRISTMAS SPECIAL    
   DARK AGE BATTLEHail Caesar28mm
 All Day Game (27th December)  

Possible Evening



Sneak Attack -

9th August 1914

GWAS (amended)

WW1 Naval

- Campaign