Club Night Diary 2022


(approx 2 or 3 games per evening)


Please contact Mike H or Mike W for any additions or changes





15/01/22Port Erin

Mike W

Dark AgeSAGA28mm
  Keith & KevinAncient - rules test Basic Impetus 2.015mm
  Mike HWW2 SkirmishFive Men In Normandy 30Cal28mm (small game)
29/01/22Port ErinMike HLate Roman EmpireHail Caesar28mm Ancient
  Mike WPost-Apoc Car WarsGaslands28mm Car-nage
  BarryAmerican RevolutionLive Free or Die15mm
12/02/22Port ErinMike WCar WarsGaslands28mm Vehicle Carnage
  KevinAncient - rules test ?????TBA15mm
  Mike HHeroes of Normandie WW2 Boardgame
26/02/22Port ErinPaul TItalian WarsRenaissance Rampant28mm
  Mike H30's Pulp SkirmishPulp Alley28mm
12/03/22Port ErinMike W

WW2 Tanks

What A Tanker20mm Tank v Tank
  Keith/KevinCommand & Colours Ancients Board/Block game
  SteveBloodbowlBloodbowlFantasy Football
26/03/22Port ErinPaul T

Medieval Skirmish

Lion Rampant15mm
  Keith & KevinAncient - rules testDBMM15mm
09/04/22Port ErinMike W

WW2 Battle

Rapid Fire20mm
  Steve & PaulFantasy SkirmishAge of Sigmar28mm Skirmish
23/04/22Port ErinPaul T

Martian Invasion

All Quiet On The Martian Front18mm Scifi
  Keith & KevinAncient - rules testDBMM15mm
  Mike HAmerican Civil War NavalDahlgren & Columbiad1/1200 Ships
07/05/22Port ErinMike WWW2 BattleRapid Fire20mm
  Keith & KevinAncient - rules testTBA15mm
 .Mike HScifi Skirmish Rules Intro5 Parsecs From Home28mm
  JamesWW1 Air CombatWings of War 
21/05/22Port ErinMike HBalkan Skirmish - Turks v ImperialsSharp Practice28mm
  Paul TFantasy SkirmishDragon Rampant28mm
04/06/22Port ErinBarryAmerican Civil War 6mm
  Paul TTBA  
  Keith & KevinAncientsDBA15mm
18/06/22Port ErinMike WDark Age SkirmishSAGA28mm Vikings
  GeorgeSpaceship CombatFull Thrust 
  Paul TAncient SkirmishMen of Bronze28mm Ancients
02/07/22Port ErinMike HAmerican RevolutionSharp Practice28mm Skirmish
  Paul TSci-fi SkirmishIn The Emporer's Name28mm
16/07/22Port ErinPaul TItalian WarsPike & Shotte28mm Renaissance
  Keith & KevinAncient - rules testTBA15mm
  Mike WDark Age SkirmishSAGA28mm
30/07/22Port ErinMike WModern SkirmishUltra Modern28mm
  Mike HAmerican RevolutionSharp Practice28mm
13/08/21Port ErinPaul T Dark Age BattleKings of War28mm
  .Keith & KevinAncient - rules testTBA15mm
  Mike WModern SkirmishUltra Modern28mm
27/08/21Port ErinMike WNapoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm
  Paul TSci-fi SkirmishWH40K28mm
. .-  
10/09/22Port Erin OPEN DAY  
  Mike WWW2 BattleRapid Fire20mm
  Mike HVictorian Science FictionTBA28mm
  Paul TFantasy SkirmishDragon Rampant15mm
24/09/22Port ErinPaul TAncient BattleKings of War Historical28mm
08/10/22Port ErinMike WBattle of HastingsHail Caesar28mm
  Keith & KevinAncient - rules testTBA15mm
  Paul TSci-fi SkirmishRogue Stars28mm
22/10/22Port Erin 2-Player Skirmish Games  
  Paul TAnthroporphic SkirmishBurrows & Badgers28mm
  Mike HThe Three MusketeersFlashing Steel28mm
  Mike WNapoleonic HorrorSilver Bayonet28mm
05/11/22Port ErinMike WWW2 BattleRapid Fire20mm
  Paul TDark Age SkirmishDux Bellorum15mm Dark Age
19/11/22Port ErinPaul TItalian WarsPike & Shotte28mm Renaissance
 All Day Game    
03/12/22Port ErinMike WWW2 BattleRapid Fire20mm
17/12/22Port Erin    
28/12/22Port Erin   CHRISTMAS SPECIAL    
  Mike WViking Sea BattleSAGA28mm
   All Day Game  
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14/01/23Port Erin    
28/01/23Port ErinMike WViking SkirmishRaven Fest28mm