Our Members

New & potential members should be aware that you do not need vast armies or know a set of rules inside out to start wargaming. The established members of the club have collections of figures that they willingly share during club games. The rules we use, especially during club nights, tend to be fun and simple. New members are helped to enjoy the experience of wargaming especially since we want you to come back for more.


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David Sharpe


David is our Secretary, Treasurer and Commandant. His collection of figures and models includes: 25mm Napoleonics, Darkest Africa, Wild West, SciFi Skirmish and English Civil War. 15mm Ancients. 1/600 World War 2 Naval, 1/1200 Napoleonic Naval and SciFi Spaceships. 1/300 World War 2 tanks. 28mm Ancients.


David lives in Douglas, the island's capital.


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Keith Charnley


Keith has a collection that includes 25mm Napoleonics, 20mm World War 2, 1/300 World War 2 (North Africa), 10mm Napoleonics and 2mm(?) somethings.


Keith also lives in Douglas.


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Michael Walton


Michael's figures include 25mm Napoleonics, Samurai, Vikings & Saxons. 20mm World War 2. 1/1200 Napoleonic Naval. Having completed all the fleets for a refight of Trafalgar, Michael is rumoured to be building the entire coastline of France & Spain.


There is also a large pirate fleet and harbour rumoured to be in his collection.

Michael lives in Port Erin in the south of the island.

Mike Horton


Mike has a large collection of figures & models including: 25mm Ancients, Vikings and Saxons, Victorian Science Fiction & Wild West. 20mm World War 2, Russian Revolution & Chinese. 15mm Seven Years War and Ancients. 1/1200 Napoleonic Naval, 1/2400 World War 2 Naval and SciFi Spaceships.

Mike lives in Ramsey in the north of the island.



Simon's a wargamer of many years standing. He has a large number of Napoleonic 15mm armies including French, Russians & Austrians and is currently working on some Ottoman Turks. Also in 15mm he has a number of Ancients armies including the later Byzantine Empire and her enemies. For the WW2 period there are Germans, Italians and Romanians in 20mm (1/72 scale). He adds to the clubs vast collection of Napoleonic naval fleets with some more French and Spanish ships. He is also interested in Samurai for 25mm skirmish.


Simon has added some pirates and a ship to his collection.


Simon lives in Port Erin.







Kevin's another wargamer of many years. His impressive collection of 25mm Seven Years War figures has graced the club's tables on a number of occasions.


He also has a number of 15mm DBA armies, WW2 in 20mm along with Chindits & Japanese in 28mm



Arran is along standing member of the club. He has a comprehensive WW2 collection in 20mm especially for D-day and beyond. Arran also has forces for the Vietnam war in 20mm as well as some 1/600 scale WW2 ships for convoy actions.



Justin has a growing number of figures and games. His collection includes a number of Aeronef fleets, Sci-fi units, Pulp adventurers, spaceship fleets, 6mm ACW and various others.


He also has a number of board games and an interest in RPG's.


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Dave L or "Beaky"


Beaky has an ever expanding 15mm Ancients collection which includes a large Imperial Roman army. He is also building a large Zulu army to face the colonial Brits.

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Paul has a number of interests and puts on many interesting and popular games.


His main interest was Warhammer 40k but he is building up a 28mm Celtic army and has joined the undead with a number of Zombie games. The curret project is a Very British Civil War campaign.

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Josh is one of our long standing junior members. His collection of figures is constantly growing. He currently has a number of Warhammer 40K armies and is building an Imperial Roman army in 28mm, in 20mm he also has a growing modern collection.

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Steve is one of our sci-fi enthusiasts. His collections of the years have included a number of boardgames, RPG's and Sci-fi figures. He is currently building Warhammer Epic armies.

Junior Members


Our Junior Members include Michael R, Connor, Callum, Robert, Ryan, James & Peter.


They are beginning to collect armies of their own and discovering which periods interest them. Michael's collection includes 15mm WW2 for Flames of War and some ECW & ACW in 28mm. Connor, Callum & James are working on WW2 in 20mm. Robert has a Skeleton Pirate crew and modern forces for counter terrorism skirmishes. Ryan is collecting Warhammer 40K forces. A number of them also have figures for 15mm ancients using DBA rules.