Borodino 1812.

A Refight of the Classic Napoleonic Battle

Using "Age of Eagles" Rules & 15mm Figures


The refight enlisted figures from a number of our members and saw most of our membership taking command of the historic French & Russian Corps.

The thoughts of Simon, the game organiser and French commander:


We came, we saw , we kicked ass, that was simple wasn't it - I think I lost 2 stands up until the last turn when the Russians finally started to use their cavalry, up to that point it was a stroll in the woods, impulse infantry are devastating and whilst Connor commanded the Russians we were just picking them apart. Then Conner left, Kevin took over and it became a lot more hard work but we were still making steady progress. Flies in the ointment - Keith losing how many brigades in front of the redoubt? Mike “I'll throw another 1Walton”, with the left wing cavalry and Napoleon (or rather the lack of Napoleon) - great though the turnout was, the battle was too big for the number of players involved and for the time we had. When we do it again (1812 - only 23 months to the anniversary), we need Friday 12.00 on for setup and the full weekend to fight the battle - 4 senior members for the French, 3 seniors for the Russians, 2 umpires (but can we get these numbers and that level of commitment for 2 days?)and some serious thought on the special rules (French cavalry and Russian artillery reserves). Got to admit though, it looked really good; some more effort on getting the woods and scrub right and sorting out the French deployment and it will be brilliant. Finally a big thank you for everyone who helped with supplying the figures (the two Mikes) doing the terrain MH, MW, KA, RJ, and setting up the battle (MH, MW, KA) (getting repetitive) - funny how certain names are missing and finally the players - I hope they thought it was worth it.



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