September 22nd 2013 was the club's Open Day and Michael W put on a game based on the attack on the gas Refinery in Algeria in January 2013.

The difference was the Refinery was oil and it was set in Russia and run by BP and protection was provided by a local security force of ten men and the local Russian military had been liaising with BP if any threats materialised.

Each player were given victory conditions each worth various points. The game started with the terrorist launching a surprise attack at three points (Paul Justin & Kevin) met light opposition from the security force controlled by (James) and a lot of the Refinery workers managed to go into hiding( the workers controlled by Mike.). It was only a matter of time before the terrorist started to hunt down the workers and take them hostage, as well as killing the security forces as a warning to the other workers.

By turn three the local Russian army commander (Ron) had started to receive reports of some sort of incident at the Refinery, so dispatched a helicopter to confirm if it was an accident or a terrorist attack, as the helicopter arrived a fuel tanker was hit by a RPG Rocket, confirming that it was a terrorist attack.

Unfortunately for Paul the exploding fuel tanker blocked the road that he needed to get to his objective at the Refinery. If the Russian Commander was in any doubt a second RPG Rocket landed in another fuel truck and the subsequent explosion detonating the petrol station, it was parked next too go up as well setting of a chain reaction that took out some of the attacking terrorists, as well as the workers in near by buildings.

As each terrorist unit moved to their objectives and rounded up more hostages, the leader placed a call to the Russian Military with their demands, only to be met by an outright refusal to negotiate with terrorists and to emphasize the Russian c in c launched his MDV special forces backed up with the attack helicopter.

This show of force from the Russians stopped the terrorist from collecting more hostages as their human shield was not going to do any good what so ever, and even started to kill the ones that they already held hostage, as well as starting to plant demo charges around the plant

By now the Russian player was also assaulting the terrorist with regular troops backed up with APC’s after two more turns the terrorist started to withdraw and in doing so managed to blow up three of the four parts off the refinery, as well as getting lucky in bringing down the Russian attack helicopter with a RPG round.

With the time now well into three hours of gaming this game and six hours of gaming during the day, the umpire called it a day on this game and sat down and worked out the Victory Conditions and the points that each player was trying to achieve.

For James loosing most of his security force, he didn’t achieve his Victory Conditions for Mike H who was controlling the workers he managed to save half of his work force so achieved a minor victory, for Paul, Justin and Kevin the loss of so many of their terrorists was not a major problem as most of them were prepared to die for the cause and in destroying three parts of the Refinery as well as the destruction of the Russian attack helicopter and the death of so many western infidels they achieved their Victory Conditions.

As for the Russian players (Ron/Aaron/Brian) their Victory Conditions were the safe release of as many hostages as possible and the recapturing of the Refinery which the Russians failed to do on both accounts.

So the Umpire declared it a victory for the terrorists a draw for the workers and a disaster for BP due to the loss of their refinery and a defeat for the Russians and the local security force.



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