Italian Wars Project Part 2


This page is intended to assist members that are not so familiar with the period and the tribes mentioned. Firstly two maps showing the spheres of influence in 600 & 380 BC.

Historical Alliances

Another useful piece of information is a list of various alliances from the period which will give some ideas for allied armies although there is little information regarding whether or not some of these alliances resulted in these armies appearing on the same battlefield.

Roman & Greek                    Roman & Samnite               Roman & Hernician                    Etruscan & Greek


Etruscan & Sabine                Etruscan & Gauls                Samnite & Etruscan                    Umbrian & Gauls


Samnite, Etruscan, Umbrian & Gauls


UK 28mm Manufacturers - Plastics


Victrix - Early Republican Romans, Samnites, Greek Hoplites (Athenians & Mercenary packs are best suited), Slingers, Archers & Iberian Cavalry (easily converted to various Italians)


Warlord - Greek Hoplites, Gauls


UK 28mm Manufacturers - Metal


Warlord - Greeks & Gauls to complement the above plastics including javelinmen, slingers, cavalry & chariots


Crusader Miniatures - Oscans (Samnites, Apulians, Campanians), Greeks, Romans, Gauls including javelinmen, slingers, cavalry & chariots


Aventine - Etruscans, Samnites, Romans, Italian Hill Tribes. (Don't miss the Italian cavalry in the Pyrrhic list). Unit deals available.


A&A Miniatures - Samnites, Gauls.


1st Corps - Romans, Gauls, Greeks


Redoubt Enterprises - Samnites, Etruscans, Romans, Oscan Cavalry (Early Italian Wars range)


Old Glory UK - Gauls, Oscans, Apulians, Ligurian Celts, Hill Tribes, Early & Late Etruscans, Greeks


Wargames Foundry -  Romans, Gauls, Greeks. Note: there are two ranges of the Greeks and the Gauls/Celts


Renegade - Celts (Gauls or Ligurians)


There are a number of other manufacturers that I may have missed but these should be more than adequate for our needs.